what do my kidneys do ?

Our two kidneys are the filtering organs of the body.

They remove toxic substances and excess water, resulting in the production of urine.

If the kidneys are not performing well, they may leak proteins and other substances which should stay in the body.

As we age, our kidneys don’t work as well as they should. Some conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure can also damage our kidneys.

If our kidneys are not working as well, waste products can build up in the body and lead to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

It is important that our kidney function is monitored to avoid these complications.

One of the ways that doctors can monitor the function of our kidneys is by doing a urine test, also called an ACR.

Doctors can check the amount of protein in the urine to see if the kidneys are abnormally leaky. 


What do my kidneys do?

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Published on 3 May 2024